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Eranda Allmetaj

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艾兰达·阿尔梅塔伊(Eranda Allmetaj),阿尔巴尼亚籍专家,文学博士,毕业于北京外国语大学,主要从事阿尔巴尼亚文学、中阿比较文学研究,在欧洲语言文化学院任职1年,参与本科、研究生课程教学及辞书编纂等工作。

Eranda Allmetaj (PhD)

   Foreign Expert

Gender: Female

Graduated from: Beijing Foreign Studies University

Education: PhD

Degree: Doctor of Arts


Eranda Allmetaj (PhD) is a Foreign Expert at the Beijing Foreign Studies University, in the department of European Languages and Cultures.

She was graduated in 2012, in the subject of Albanian Language and Literature, at the University of Tirana, Faculty of History and Philology.

She then followed the Master of Science for Theory and Literature Criticism at the same University, and she graduated in 2014.

When she finished the studies in Albania, she followed the PhD in China, at the Beijing Foreign Studies University where she graduated in 2020.

On her PhD, she focused on the comparative literature. She studied and compared the literature of the Chinese author, Lu Xun with the Albanian author, Migjeni.

She has published some articles in some albanian and foreign press, such as:

- China, a historical- cultural oasis of Asian continent, "Fjala e Lirë ", 29 November 2020

- Social Literature as a worldwide phenomenon: comparative overview of the Migjeni's literature and Chinese author, Lu Xun, Haemus, Bucharest, 2020, ISSN electronic: 2069- 153X, ISSN: 1454- 1203.

- The inner discourse of the characters in some of the short proses of Migjeni and Lu Xun,  Haemus, Bucharest, 2020, ISSN electronic: 2069- 153x, ISSN: 1454- 1203.

- Two social authors: Migjeni and Lu Xun through the key words, "Pelegrin 33", Athens, 2020.

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