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Eiríkur Sturla Ólafsson


艾瑞克•奥拉夫松(Eiríkur Sturla Ólafsson),翻译学硕士,精通德语、英语、冰岛语、丹麦语。2013年开始在北京外国大学冰岛语专业任教,此前任德国柏林洪堡大学讲师,讲授北欧语言、语音、文学和北欧历史。具有丰富的翻译、新闻采编、策划组织学生活动的经验。

Eiríkur Sturla Ólafsson has a BA degree in German and History and an MA degree in Translation Studies and Linguistics (2005). He studied in Reykjavík, Cologne and Berlin.

He holds a special interest in Latin, German, Icelandic (of course) and Etymology.

Eiríkur has been teaching Icelandic to foreign learners since 2007 when he started teaching in Zürich, Switzerland. After moving on to Humboldt University Berlin for 6 years, he has spent the past 7 years teaching Icelandic at the Beijing Foreign Studies University in China.

Eiríkur counts his teaching as one of his major passions but has many additional interests, such as sports and travel journalism, translation work and writing, and most of all travelling.

He has co-operated with fellow Icelandic teachers on the production of Icelandic learning material over the years, and specializes in Icelandic Grammar and Literature.

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