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Mads Lundegaard

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卢威(Mads Lundegaard),丹麦籍, 1993年2月出生,奥胡斯大学语言学/中国研究硕士,精通英语、汉语和德语。2019年9月起在我校欧洲语言文化学院丹麦语教研室任教,主要讲授丹麦语语言、文化、文学等,并参与相关科研工作。

Mads Lundegaard is a lecturer at Beijing Foreign Studies University. Apart from teaching courses on Danish language and culture, he is engaged in a wide variety of language-related projects such as translating between Danish and Chinese, developing teaching materials, and editing dictionaries.

His academic fields of expertise include phonetics and phonology, Danish grammar, language acquisition, and translation. Other academic interests include Chinese linguistics, writing systems, historical linguistics, and the history of Danish literature.

In addition to his degrees in Linguistics (BA) and Sinology (MA) from Aarhus University, Denmark, with exchange stays at Peking University, Beijing, and Fudan University, Shanghai, he holds an HSK6 certificate.

Situated at the Center for Danish Studies under the School of European Languages and Cultures, he has a keen interest in dialogues of all kinds between China and Denmark: cultural exchange, bilateral trade, and diplomatic relations.

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