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Anna Tsatsa

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安娜·茶茶(Anna Maarit Tsatsa)致力于多语言、社会语言学和语言社会学研究。



Anna Tsatsa is a Finnish as a foreign language lecturer, currently teaching in the Department of Finnish Language and Culture at the Beijing Foreign Language University. She graduated from the University of Helsinki in Finland in 2016 with Finnish language as her major and Finnish literature and pedagogy as her minors. She has a particular interest in sociolinguistics and multilingual research. Her MA thesis focused on female immigrants’ multilingual social networks, and how these women use the various languages. Anna has been teaching Finnish as a second language for nine years. In addition to teaching, she enjoys project work and has worked on both national and international projects in Finland. As part of her project work experience she has developed digital pedagogy tools for teachers. Her most recent European Commission funded project focused on flipped learning for adult learners.

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