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Pieter den Hollander

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Pieter den Hollander (皮特·德·霍朗德),荷兰籍外国专家,毕业于荷兰莱顿大学。自2016年起在我校欧洲语言文化学院荷兰语教研室任教,负责荷兰语精读、写作、口语等基础课程及荷兰文学、历史等课程的教学工作,深受学生喜爱。

Pieter den Hollander (1977) was born in the city of Utrecht in the Netherlands. He studied Classical Languages (MA) and Philosophy (BA) at Leiden University. After graduation he worked as a teacher of Greek and Latin in secondary education and as a teacher of Dutch in higher education at Inholland University of Applied Sciences in The Hague and Rotterdam. Pieter den Hollander started working at BFSU in 2016. The courses he teaches include Language Acquisition, Academic Writing, Dutch Literature, and History of the Low Countries. He also teaches an elective course in Dutch for students who want to learn Dutch as a third language. Currently he is writing a book on Dutch culture and society to be published in 2021.

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