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Blanka Zahajska

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        布兰卡·萨哈伊斯卡(Blanka Zahajská,曾用名Blanka Jaurisová雅乌里索娃),捷克人,硕士学历。出生于1977年3月30日。2018年9月至今在欧洲语言文化学院捷克语专业任外教。


Blanka Zahajska

Teaching language: Czech

Blanka is originally from the Czech Republic, the heart of Europe and the birthplace of Kafka, Antonin Dvorak, and Sigmund Freud. She holds a Master’s Degree in Czech Language and Literature from the Charles University in Prague.

Before coming to Beijing in 2018, she lived in London and worked for several language institutions, including the University of Oxford.

Her interest lies in methodology, as she has helped design educational materials for children and youth who learn Czech as a foreign language.

She has also taught for various non-profit organizations and worked as an editor for several publishing houses. In 2018 she translated the book “Hortense and the Shadow” by the O’Hara sisters.

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