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Luciano Romano

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卢奇亚诺·塞巴斯蒂安·罗马诺(Luciano Sebastiano Romano),意大利籍,2018年9月起任北京外国语大学欧洲语言文化学院拉丁语专业外国专家,2018年毕业于罗马宗座大学古典语基督教文学学院和罗马维真学院,2016-2018在维真学院担任助教。教授的课程有拉丁语、古希腊语语言与文学,罗马史,基督教文学、文艺复兴拉丁语文学等。

Luciano Romano teaches Latin and ancient Greek language and literature in the Latin department at BFSU since 2018. He studied in Rome, Italy, at the Accademia Vivarium novum, an international centre of excellence for classical studies, where students and professors from all over the world come every year.

He obtained his degree in Classics and Christian literature at the Università Pontificia Salesiana in Rome, with a thesis on Hierocles of Alexandria, a Neo-Platonic author from the 5th century AD. He also collaborated for five years with the Accademia Vivarium novum, directed by Luigi Miraglia, giving various lessons in Latin and Greek and participating as a teacher in numerous training and refresher courses offered to both students and teachers of classical literature.

The method of teaching Latin and Greek followed by Luciano Romano is the so-called ‘Ørberg method’: during the lessons he speaks exclusively in Latin or ancient Greek, and already in the first year of the course the students are able to read and comment on selected ancient texts in the original language.

His main academic fields of research are: the teaching of classical languages, the analysis of Latin texts not only from ancient times, but also from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

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