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Csaba Debreczeni

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文姓名:Debreczeni Csaba



Csaba Debreczeni joined Beijing Foreign Studies University in 2015, as a Hungarian Language Teacher delegated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Hungary.

He has received his Master’s degree as a teacher of Italian and Hungarian as Foreign Languages and Cultures from Eötvös Loránd University of Budapest, Hungary and has over 10 years of language teaching experience. He has previously worked at a few Hungarian high schools and language schools.

His areas of specialization and research interests include teacher training and curriculum design. He is currently working at several textbooks and teaching materials.

At BFSU, he teaches courses related to Hungarian language and culture for both undergraduate and graduate students majoring in Hungarian.

He enjoys working with the students, staff and faculty at BFSU, his students continually surprise and impress him, and he as well keeps learning from them a great deal about language, culture and life.

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