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Political System of EU Countries and Politics of Modern Greece

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The course comprises two main sections. In the first section, it’s about the basic concepts related to the different types of political systems, the main elements of a political system and the various types of European political systems(the political system of Britain as a model of parliamentary system, political system of France model of the semi-presidential one, and other political systems in other major European countries ,such as Germany, Italy and Spain). In the second section, it analyzes the history of political systems in modern Greece. It also considers the politics of modern Greece and examines the reasons for the way the system and politics have been shaped.

The students will be able to: Understand the basic concepts of the basic political systems of Western Europe as well as a good knowledge of the main causes for their formation. And they will have a complete view of how the political systems under examination function (both institutionally and in practice) - be able to understand and analyze better the political developments in the countries under examination and, on the basis of such analysis. And at last, they will have a complete knowledge about the Modern Greece and its politics.

Further develop their capacity to work on their own and analyze these political systems - move towards elaborating well-founded opinions on major issues linked to the countries under examination.

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